Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Nineteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


Finally a chapter update!: “Em sat quietly at one of the small tables on the dining terrace and ate her macaroni and cheese in the dark. She watched the serene, pastel beauty of Mystica beneath its blue skies. One of the rocket launchers sat soaking in a bucket and she intended to clean up the others later. The polished terrace was stained with burn marks and Em was embarrassed by the damage.”

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Eighteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


Night had fallen in Astraopolis. Em stood inside the brightly lit Automat, wrapped in her sheet, and considered the rows of little illuminated windows with their dishes of food, debating between shepherd’s pie and macaroni and cheese. She was surprised to find comfort food in a place called Nebula’s End, where exotic extraterrestrial fare seemed more suitable.
“I still don’t know about this,” Shade said.
“They have perfectly working rockets, why shouldn’t there be perfectly working food?” Buck said.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Seventeen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


Em, Astraopolis, and Dr. Carny’s Death Killer elixir. More happens of course. One of my favorite chapters. Enjoy!

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Sixteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Fifteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


“Yes,” Em said. All that Shade mentioned lay unfinished as far as she could tell. The dwarfing Pavilion of Universes, which did not exist in her world, needed only a third more of the massive roof. Em walked near the glass and gazed wide-eyed inside. The entire pavilion was one giant, glass enclosure. Immense, heavenly bodies the size of small buildings floated within. What suspended such huge masses of simulated gases and matter was not apparent. Black matter swirled between the planets with twinkling lights. Em believed they were stars. To look within the pavilion walls was like witnessing captured pieces of the universe itself.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Fourteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


It’s update Friday! This is for the fiction lovers :). Emma, daddy’s girl (obviously). A little quarreling with the ex and then more adventuring in ASTRAOPOLIS. Space helmets, ho!

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Thirteen by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


It’s … Chapter 13! Pip chats with her supposedly long dead host, Em explains Never reality to her mom. It’s a chatty chapter.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Twelve by Elizabeth Watasin | Elizabeth likes…Air Ships


Shade knew that at the Wally family private offices nighttime didn’t mean the lights went out and everyone went home. His grand-uncle was a notorious workaholic as well as a tyrant. Shade didn’t understand how a man like that managed to live so long on so little sleep and with so much responsibility and not keel over into an early grave. People quietly expected his grand-uncle to pass away from his illnesses, if not from old age, and soon, yet Wayne Wally still made his will known to everyone beyond his oak carved doors.
Shade half-suspected his grand-uncle of being a vampire. Considering that his great-grandfather was reputed to be an occultist as well as a mad inventor, and that on his great-grandmother’s side was a lineage of supposed sorceresses, Shade thought it likely that there could be at least one monster in the family.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Eleven by Elizabeth Watasin


The voice came from above. Em froze. She glanced at the sidewalk. She spotted the moon-shadow of a young girl who stood at a perfect right angle upon the wall. The drop of her long hair and dress were the only indications that gravity still acted upon her body.
Em inhaled, and watched the girl’s shadow move. She heard the deliberate, slow scrape of a boot’s heel upon the wall, as if the movement were meant to emphasize right then that she was allowed to hear it. Fey Dently, the Vampyre who could walk on walls, had been following her the entire time.
“I mean no harm,” Em said, finding her throat dry. “I only came to find my sister.”
“The blonde version of you, with the Tomorrow sword?” the Vampyre asked.

Wit’s World: Never Was, Chapter Ten by Elizabeth Watasin

In short: EM is now in Darque Towne.

And Pip is eating chicken.


Even though she was in the company of a notorious Wally rake, Pip was enjoying her fried chicken. Being starved, she couldn’t discern whether it was better than what she could have at home. Apparently, food in this dimension just existed; prepared, cooked, and served on a platter with silverware. She and Wit, Jr. sat in the Crystal Dome at the foot of Mystica’s castle. The castle loomed above them, its pastel stone walls covered in climbing ivy. Pip never had the pleasure of enjoying the Crystal Dome of Amazing World. It was a ritzy restaurant priced far beyond meager Daring means and Em and Pip usually settled for the playground snack stand and rode the carousal there. Pip doubted that a playground could be found where she was then, much less a carousal horse. Each terrace of the island was a careful arrangement of gardens with statuary, lily-covered ponds, fountains, and tucked-away arbors and gazebos. The Mystica of Never Was was more like a rich noble’s leisure estate than a fantasy setting for children to run and play. Granted, the castle was far too big for a noble, so Pip reassessed her impression and qualified that as: rich Queen’s leisure estate. Mystica, according to park mythology, belonged to the Queen of Night, the Carny Man’s wife, after all.
Since she’d never been inside the Crystal Dome back home, Pip wasn’t sure if the chandeliers were characteristic of the place. The white glass was etched in gold with figure portraits that looked like the Queen of Night and her daughters, the Sun Maiden and Moon. When Pip and Em had peeked through the restaurant’s glass walls as small children they had been more preoccupied with trying to see what the diners were eating than what might be in the dome above. Em would have loved seeing these portraits. Pip was not much for glitter, but she could still admire the beauty of the chandelier crystals even while stuffing her face with chicken and mashed potatoes. Beyond the glass of the dome were the many lush trees and flowers in the castle’s arboretum. It also served as an aviary. Twittering Puppetron birds of colorful plumage flitted about the trees. Pip even saw one fly. Again, she was impressed by the remarkable sophistication of the Puppetrons of this dimension.
The dining area she and Wit, Jr. sat in was the picture of civilized repast. Crystal glasses and centerpiece glass figurines decorated every table. All the place settings were of gold utensils and gold-trimmed china with white napkins and white tablecloths. Pip had to wonder; were the centerpieces really glass or carved ice? She poked their table’s unicorn for the answer. It was ice.
A Puppetron string quartet with shiny, oval metal heads and black evening wear roused from a sleeping state next to the illuminated fountain and began to play. Their faces were smooth plates entirely lacking features. Like the Puppetrons Pip was used to back in Amazing World, the string quartet appeared to be fixed to the chairs they played from. Among all of the tables in the glass dome, she and her host were the only patrons. Pip had laid her sheath and sword aside to be polite when the maitre d’ had seated them, but decided that wearing the crown of Sun was okay.
“Will I really feel full or will this be like dream food?” Pip asked, cleaning up with her cloth napkin and dabs of the drinking water.

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